We all do what we can and, big or small, it’s all good!  Last week my partner made an online DONATION to Washington Families Standing Together.  And today I started off my personal Campaign to Preserve the Domestic Partnership Law by downloading and printing this handout from Approve71.org and taping it to my car window.  Hey, that door is so dented that I can’t roll the window down anyways, so I’m putting it to good use!  

I also threw a stack of fliers in the car “just in case”, and wouldn’t you know it, as I was taping that one up on my window, my neighbors drove up to say hi.  Guess what they got? :) Yes, a copy of the flier, plus a mention that we can win this thing if a) supporters make sure to vote, and b) we get enough donations so we can run the campaign effectively.  In return I got a “we’re with you honey!” from my neighbor, and a smile.

Speaking of that flier, you can download a copy here.  Here’s what it says:

Approve Ref. 71

Preserve the Domestic Partnership Law


  • Phonebank at our campaign office to spread the word
  • Donate to support the Approve 71 campaign
  • Change your Facebook photo to the Approve 71 icon and talk about Approving 71 in your status messages
  • Link to Approve 71 from your email signature.
  • Change your voicemail message to tell your friends and family to Approve Referendum 71.
  • Print out and distribute the handouts from our website.

    For more great things you can do check out:


    Facebook icons are under Spread the Word at the top, and handouts are under Handouts on the right.

    Now: Go tell 10 friends to do these things, too!

  • Note that you don’t have to live in Washington state to do most of these things!  We need your help, and appreciate whatever you can do to help us preserve the domestic partnership law.