Washington Families Standing Together needs money.  Here’s the story:

Tuesday night an over-capacity crowd of over 300 pro-family Washingtonians gathered eagerly in Seattle to hear Washington Families Standing Together lay out the plans for the final leg of the Approve Referendum 71 campaign.  Similar gatherings have already happened in Spokane, Walla Walla and Vancouver and others will happen across the state this week.

The take-home message is clear and compelling: “Even though there is strong support for domestic-partnership law in Washington, we could lose this because turnout in off year elections is so low.”

To educate the voters and turn out their votes requires money.  That money is needed Now.  We have less than a month until ballots are mailed out, and only 6 weeks until election day.  Please DONATE what you can to help.  Every little bit helps.

A word on the opposition’s creepy finances, after the jump.

The rectors of rejection Gary Randall and Larry Stickney have been rattling their begging bowls, saying they can’t even pay for the leaflets they’ve already ordered.  Don’t believe them for a second.  They have a secret benefactor.  We know that their campaign has already received hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of legal and signature gathering services from a source or sources that they are illegally refusing to name.  Randall and Stickney are closely allied with Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council and James Dobson of Focus on the Family.

Randall and Stickney will wring what pennies they can from the locals, then WHAM! just you wait, t.v. ads, radio ads and robo calls that they couldn’t possibly afford will appear from nowhere as if by magic.  It’s just a matter of time.

We need to preempt their sugar daddy’s next outlay and get our message rolling, as the 6 million dollar man would say, better, stronger, and faster.  Please DONATE to help beat them to the punch.