Marriage equality became the law of the land in Massachusetts in 2004.  We’ve all heard the naysayers predict the resulting destruction of marriage, the family, the universe, etc. etc.  

“[Marriage equality] is a social weapon of mass destruction,” said Rev. Lou Sheldon. … “It would destroy civilization as we know it,” Sheldon said.

Well, a new CDC report shows that the divorce rate in Massachusetts, the state were it all started, well, I’ll let Rachel give you the good news:

Oh but first, a warning.  If you’re an anti-equality bigot, this may hurt.  You may want to plug your ears.

Five years ago, Massachusetts became the first state to legalize same-sex marriage.  And despite all the dire warnings, the sky did not fall down on the day a man was allowed to marry a man and a woman was allowed to marry a woman in the bay state.  

In fact, the institution of marriage is alive and well and thriving in Massachusetts.  New provisional government statistics show that, in 2008, Massachusetts had the lowest divorce rate in the country. Ta-da!  

The rate of divorces in Massachusetts was 2.2 per thousand when gay people started getting married in Massachusetts.  The rate of divorces per thousand is now down even further to 2.0 per thousand.  That’s the lowest divorce rate in the country.  In fact, Massachusetts divorce rates are now down to pre World War 2 levels.  1940.  

So, awkwardly, turns out gay marriage is a defense of marriage act.

Thanks flyerfier for the transcript!