H/T Maura Hennessey.  I wrote earlier how Gary Randall accuses King County Superior Court Judge Julie Spector of innate bias because she is reportedly gay.  What I didn’t realize immediately is that the website he linked to is the Neo-Nazi Vanguard News Network.  And this particular web page doesn’t just talk about Judge Spector, but claims to be a “National List Of Openly-Homosexual Public Officials”, listing several hundred allegedly openly-gay legislators, judges and other public servants.  A hit list?  From the web page:

Because the information is perishable, local activists are best advised to use this information first as a precursor for additional investigation before taking “direct action”.

Yeah, wink wink.  This website, with its motto “No Jews. Just right.”, dehumanizes anyone not heterosexual, white and Christian, and advocates violence.  An example from the most recent issue of their newspaper, The Aryan Alternative, below the fold.  You don’t have to dig too deep, just a few words, to find rancid expressions of hate.

Remember, it is the R-71 team, Larry Stickney in particular, who claimed that R-71 donors would be targets of violence if their names remained in the Public Disclosure Commission’s (PDC) online database.  Is Gary Randall’s use of this link some kind of sick tit for tat for the PDC finding Stickney & Co.’s claim not credible?