I guess trying to undermine the security of Washington families isn’t enough for some people.  Referendum 71 attorney and anti-Obama birther Stephen Pidgeon has just filed a federal grand jury petition in federal court on behalf of Patriot’s Heart Media Network and several individuals.  He claims that Obama is a British citizen.  He names the defendants

BARRY SOETORO, a/k/a BARACK OBAMA, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, a/k/a BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA II, a/k/a BARRY OBAMA, NANCY PELOSI, in her authority within the Democrat National Committee, HOWARD DEAN, in his authority within the Democrat National Committee, and JOHN DOES and JANE DOES, 1-20, members of media and press organizations

Some people stretch their fantasies a little too far into the real world.  Btw, there is no such thing as “Democrat National Committee”.  But someone bent on denying the citizenship of a biracial man who became president certainly can’t be bothered with factual details.

This isn’t the first birther lawsuit Pidgeon has filed.  Back in 2008, he sued Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed in Broe v. Reed for counting ballots cast for Obama, which Pidgeon claimed were invalid because Pidgeon said he thought that Obama isn’t a natural born citizen.  The Washington State Supreme Court quickly dismissed that tripe case.  Strangely, although Pidgeon says he fervently believes we are being ruled by a usurper, he chose not to appeal his case to the US Supreme Court.

Despite (or perhaps because of?) the dismissal, Pidgeon seems to still pursue an animus towards Secretary of State Reed, now charging that Reed is letting “personal politics of those employed in your office…trump the integrity of [the R-71 signature certification] process”.  He does this in league with R-71 pushers Larry Stickney and Gary Randall.  Btw, Gary Randall’s jumped into the Obama’s gonna kill your granny! clown car.  What a bunch of wackos.



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