As if trying to prevent Washington families from having solid legal protections isn’t harassment enough, one Referendum 71 supporter attempted to intimidate blogger Joshalot and Chris Mason of Driving Equality as they recorded the public sorting and submission of petitions sheets from the very public steps of the Washington state capitol.  The attempted intimidation by the Referendum 71 supporter starts at about 2:20 into the video.  Transcript below the fold.  H/T Joshalot.

CORRECTION: Somehow I initially swapped Chris Mason’s dialog for Joshalot’s.  The error has been corrected in the transcript.

Greg MacPherson: So, what’s your name?  You, what’s your name?

Joshalot:  Who are you?

Greg:  What’s your name.  You’re harassing me.  You’re videotaping me without my permission.

Joshalot:  It’s a public space.

Greg: I’m a public figure.  You’re taking my image without my permission.  I want your name so that I can sue you.  What’s your name?

Joshalot: I’m not giving it.

Greg: Or stop videotaping me.

Joshalot: This is a public place.

Greg: I am a well-known person.  You are videotaping my image without my permission.  I want the poliiice, hello!  Police!  Can I get some police here, hello!

Senator Val Stevens: They’re in the Secretary of State’s office.

Greg: That’s nice. I need them here. [deflatedly] Hello, police, anybody here?  Police?  Can I get some police here?  Please, a police officer.  Uhh.  Uhh.  DO you know if there are any police officers here?  

Man in Hat: Yeah.

Greg: Good, I’d like one please.  This man is videotaping me.  I’m a public figure and he’s doing it without my permission.  And he won’t give me his name.

MiH:  Why you need the police?

Greg: Because this man is videotaping me without my permission.  I’m a public figure and he’s doing it without my permission and I cannot get his name.

MiH: Do you have a cell phone?

Greg: Yes I do.

MiH: Call 9-1-1.

Greg: Naw, I’d rather just have a policeman come over….Police, hello, anybody a policeman, hello.  Can’t find ‘em.  There’s never a cop when you need one.

Joshalot: Yeah, cuz they’re busy with nonsense like this, instead of worrying about stopping somebody from getting killed….Now I’m going to call for some backup. Um, what’s going on there?  Yeah, can you come on out here?  Yeah there’s a guy who’s ah calling the police cuz I’m videotaping what’s going on.  Alright.

Voiceover of Joshalot: This is footage from my buddy Chris, from  I am the guy with the red backpack, and the guy in front of me is Greg MacPherson, who’s trying to intimidate me.

Greg: You guys on duty?

Cop: Yes.

Greg: This gentleman is videotaping me without my permission.  I’m a publicly-recognizable figure, and he’s harassing me.  I’d like him to stop he will not give me his name.  Can you help me?

Cop: No, I cannot.

Greg: Ok, why not?

Cop: I cannot help you sir, because he’s not doing anything wrong.  He has a right to do that.

Greg: He doesn’t have the right to tape a public personage without my permission.

Cop: Step inside sir.  We’ll get you out of his view.

Greg: Ok, works for me.  What do I do about all the video he’s already got?

Cop: Well, you can go to ah civil [inaudible]

Greg: I can’t because he won’t give me his name.  But he won’t give me his name.

Cop2: Doesn’t sound like he’s committed a crime.

Cop: There’s no crime committed, sir.

Greg: Videotaping isn’t harassment?  

Cop2: This is a public area.

Greg: Yeah? OK.  But videotaping me without my permission is not an actual offense.

Cop: Are you a public figure?

Greg: No, but I’m a publicly known person, I’m not an elected official.

Cop: OK

Greg: My likeness and my name…

Cop: OK sir, there’s nothing I can do here sir.  There’s no crime committed or anything like that, ok?

Greg: Ok.

Cop: I cannot make him give you, ah, his name or anything like that because I [inaudible]

Greg: Ok, so, he’s just got the right to videotape me and if I don’t like it I have to step out of the way.

Cop: How about this young man here, he’s videotaping you.

Greg: He’s the next one I’m going to go to.



* Taking pictures is harassment…unless a Garyite wields the camera