After flouting Washington state law for 6 days, Oregonian and tax evader Gary Randall finally filed his campaign expense report for June yesterday.  From it we learn the same lesson we learned from the June report filed by his Referendum 71 comrade Larry Stickney: Gary and Larry’s priorities are apparently to compensate themselves first and foremost.

To date, 49.8% of all R-71 expenditures made by Randall’s Faith & Freedom PAC has gone back into Gary Randall’s coffers (Faith & Freedom Network).  Likewise, 44% of all R-71 expenditures made by Stickney’s Protect Marriage Washington were to pay Stickney a rich salary.

Priorities, priorities…  

Meanwhile, while these guys kick back and crack a cold one, I hear their worker bees have exhausted the church hives and, still coming up short, have had to come out into the light of day to seek signature gold.  So now WalMart is apparently buzzing with bigotry.  Are fair-minded Washingtonians letting their own calm and reasoned voices be heard at WalMart?  ”Excuse me Mr. Voter-Looking-Over-the-Petition, but if you sign that you’ll be hurting my family directly.  Please don’t.”  The 1st Amendment is a beautiful thing, especially when employed calmly and conversationally.