Monday, Gary Randall was all a-flutter because two of his Referendum 71 signature gatherers had their pictures taken as they sat at a petition table.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Agressive Opposition at Wal-Mart

…Then this older woman came by, very aggressively against us, speaking in an angry tone, using language I do not use. Eric said that he would go in and talk to the manager, which he did. A man with her took our pictures. Then some time later the police came telling us we were trespassing and that we had to leave.

I presume that Gary intended his readers to conclude this was bad, or he wouldn’t have reported it.  But then Tuesday morning he recommended that his followers do the very thing he clucked over the day before:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Video Camera Wards Off Harassment

…one of our signature gatherers gave us a great idea yesterday.  She emailed me saying that she has found that if she keeps her video camera with her and begins taking video of those who are verbally assaulting her, they leave very quickly. If you have any video of this kind of behavior, please send it to us at

So fair-minded people taking pictures is bad, but if an anti-family Garyity can get an angry ho-mo-sekshulist on tape all is forgiven?

There goes Gary Cottontail,

Flippin’ down the floppin’ trail,

Flippity floppity

Double-standards are his way…  

I think it only fair to remind Gary to be careful in encouraging his followers to get too shutterbuggy.  Some of them just don’t know when to stop.Join Washington Families Standing Together in their fight to defeat Referendum 71 by clicking on the graphics below.