UPDATE July 16th @ 8:45 am PST: Pastor Randall’s lawbreaking continues into Day 6, according to PDC website.

UPDATE2 July 16th @ 1:00 pm PST: F&F PAC finally submitted their report about an hour ago (and 6 days late!) claiming they thought they were to use the candidate reporting schedule, according to a PDC employee.  A poor excuse for Randall, who has run his PAC in Washington for years and surly knows the ropes.  

In June Gary paid himself another $1,179 for his redundant website.  To date, Gary Randall’s payments to himself amount to a whopping 49.8% of all R-71 expenditures made by F&F PAC.  Yet as he exhorts people to go collect those signatures, he seems to still be sitting on over $3,000 in unspent donations.  Today’s choice words from Gary

Expenses are continuing during the collection of petitions. Thank you for your financial support.

It’s worse than I originally thought.  A brief recap: Political Action Committees operating within Washington on state or local elections must file regular donation and expense reports with the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC).  Gary Randall claims that his Faith & Freedom PAC “is presently, exclusively committed to Referendum 71. All donations to the PAC are used for the Referendum 71 project.”

This past Monday, a PDC employee left a message with F&F PAC, reminding them that their expenditure report was overdue.  By law, the deadline was July 10th.  Since then, F&F PAC has filed two more contribution reports, but still no expenditure report.

Here is why the expenditure report is so important.  Besides telling us how donor contributions were spent, attached to that report is the In-Kind donation report.  In-kind donations may include other entities providing you with paid signature gatherers, for example.  Until F&F PAC files its missing expense report with the in-kind contribution attachment, Washington voters won’t know whether they’ve been hoodwinked by Randall & his local collaborator Larry Stickney in their claims that this is a local grassroots campaign.

Apparently Gary Randall thinks it’s ok to flout Washington law and hide information from the public that every other political campaign must provide.  Pretty ballsy for an out-of-stater.



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