“In these tough economic times” everyone is getting hammered financially.  Me, you, the organizations both we and our adversaries support.  Organizations facing the most dire financial troubles are those that have outlived their usefulness, since past relevancy isn’t enough to make anybody dig deep for them.  No surprise then to get a very pathetic email from Massachusetts Family Institute (EIN 04-3113783).  They have failed utterly in preventing full LGBT equality in MA.  Look at this pathetic fundraising plea, and you can understand why.

Dear Friends,  I am writing to you to announce some exciting news. Massachusetts Family Institute, in an effort to enhance our ability to strengthen the family, is launching a special donor drive called sustainMFI to find a select group of friends to partner with us as sustaining members.

We want you commit to giving us more money to waste now that we have failed to prevent the equality ship from sailing, isn’t that exciting!!! * eye roll *  But here’s the heart of the artichoke:

Now more than ever, we need a consistent level of donations to help meet our monthly budget requirements

Because MFI doesn’t run any ongoing programs that need funding, “monthly budget requirements” translates into “my salary”.  Their stated goal is $360,000 annually.  Am I the only one who is suspicious of a non-profit that hasn’t filed their IRS forms since 2005?  Ooooops.  Did Kris Mineau go to the Gary Randall School for Shady Dealers?

“Wait, there’s more” – after the flip.These guys apparently only have one communication mode: fear mongering.  And so when they have to shift gears and speak enticingly to their donors, the results are a real howler.

Wait, there’s more

As a special bonus for those that pledge $20 or more, you will be added to a special “Members-Only” eForce list that will give you exclusive details on Beacon Hill happenings, the latest on hot issues and special invitations and rates for MFI events.

Ooooh, an eeee-maiiil.  I feel so special!  I bet Cyrano Mineau courted his future sex partners by taking them to 2-for-1 nite at the bowling alley.  Watch him weave his magic in the video below.

Bye bye, MFI.