Ron Boehme is the guy who said that repealing an incremental domestic partnership bill is more important than preventing a holocaust.  And now he’s inviting carpetbaggers to Washington to help him lie to voters.  After enduring years of that tax cheat and voter manipulator, the Oregonian Gary Randall, I’m not sure how much more carpetbaggery Washington can take.

I want to ask all of you, whether you live in the state of Washington or not, to get involved to help save marriage in in Washington State through Referendum 71. This is the recently launched petition drive that will allow the citizens of Washington to vote in November to preserve the institution of marriage.

What is it with these “Christians” who can’t stop with the lies?  As we all know, Referendum 71 is about repealing an incremental domestic partnership law, not a marriage law.  Ron is using the same bait and switch as the rest of the anti-family crew: lie to people that the referendum is about marriage because they know that a super-majority of Washingtonians favor domestic partnerships or better for same-sex couples who want to protect their children and make their families as legally secure as possible.Just so you know where you stand with this false Christian

Homosexuality is a crooked or perverted form of God’s sexual design and is an abomination (detestable) to Him.

I’m glad Ron brought up the word “perverted”, because that well describes his misuse of Scriptures.  But something else he says helps me understand this dude’s problem:

Homosexuality is a blinding type of sin from which it is difficult to escape. When God has to “give a person over” to immoral sexual passions (Romans 1:24-27), most never return to Him.

Something tells me that Ron doesn’t have to consult Romans 1:24-27 to understand “immoral sexual passions”.  Looks like a classic case of shame and self loathing to me.  If I’m right, what a miserable and tortured life he must be living.  That sure would explain his resorting to hysterics.

The assault on marriage (sic) is the moral battle of the 21st century. If you are silent, millions more will be lost and possibly, an entire civilization fall to ruin. I’m asking you to rise up and act for the sake of God, our children and grandchildren, and the future of the United States.

Oh my.  Better lay in extra End of Days provisions.  Lost?  Lost what, where?  Your mind, I think.  And don’t stop at millions, Ron.  ”Billions” or even “zillions” is better over-the-top schlock.  Why, it sets the fearful to trembling so good that the change bounces right out of their pockets.

Ron, while you and your carpetbagging cronies are lying to Washingtonians about an incremental domestic partnership law, how many innocent babies will be aborted?  How much blood will be on your hands, Ron, by July 26th because you gave yourself over to preventing gay parents from protecting their children?

Join Washington Families Standing Together in their fight against Referendum 71 by clicking on the graphics below.

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