Protect Marriage Washington is the misnamed organization out to repeal Washington State’s new domestic partnership law via Referendum 71.  Cindy Honcoop is on the Protect Marriage Washington Board of Directors, but while others work, Cindy has been known to vacate and Twitter.  And now, as her colleagues feverishly burn rubber crossing the state to deliver the long-overdue referendum petitions, Cindy picks up her fiddle.

# Another cool thot from a twitterer – “The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed.” ~Old Chinese Proverb

about 13 hours ago from web

Why tempting ‘thots’ of quitting?  Maybe it has something to do with the dismal donation rates.  The Public Disclosure Commission says that Protect Marriage Washington has only raised $2,072.  And carpetbagger Gary Randall’s Faith and Freedom PAC (“exclusively committed” to Ref 71, except it’s not) has only received a piddly $1,994.51 in contributions.  Ouch.  Printing and distributing 60,000 petitions with 100+ page long bill attachments will drain those funds pretty quickly.  No wonder Gary was diverting donations to his non-PAC accounts – must protect the paycheck!  Wouldn’t want to spend that dough on a referendum nobody wants.  And I mean nobody.

Incidentally, although Cindy is a dedicated tweeter, she still hasn’t bothered to sign up to follow PMW’s Twitters.  I wonder if Cindy was really ever wholeheartedly on board with this referendum thing.

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