UPDATE: Gary Randall’s daily blog post tells us all we need to know.  More at end of diary.

There is a new entry on Protect Marriage Washington‘s endorsement list: “Pastor Tim Robinson, CityGate Church of Puyallup”.  Take a look at the awesome resources at this pastor’s disposal.  The church has no website and isn’t even listed in several area church directories.  However, there was one mention of Pastor Robinson last year in the Tacoma News Tribune.  The title speaks for itself: “40 Days For Life: Vigil or Harassment?

PMW can’t even assemble a convincing religious veneer for their hate-mongering money grab.  This does not bode well for the success of their petition drive or for their acceptance by the general public.Here is Protect Marriage Washington’s updated endorsement list

Washington Eagle Forum – Cindy Honcoop

Washington Values Alliance – Larry Stickney

Faith and Freedom Network – Gary Randall

Christian Coalition – Rick Forcier

YWAM & US Renewal – Ron Boehme

One org saving face for Larry (Family Policy Institute of Washington)

Five random people (Galbraith, Burgess, Parris, Adams, Pidgeon).

Three tiny fringe orgs (K of C Council 1379, Washington Republican Liberty Caucus, The Constitution Party of Washington State)

Five current or former state legislators (Swecker, Stevens, Shea, McCune, Ahern)

Four Five rinky-dink ministers (Hutcherson, Small, Long, Hartwell, Robinson)

Incidentally, Larry, one of your major organizational endorsers, Joseph Backholm of Family Policy Institute of Washington, neglected to mention your referenDUMB on his radio broadcast today.  And all your Board Members Gary Randall and Cindy Honcoop have Twittered about recently is croquet and returning from vacation.

Speaking of Twitter, Larry, I just read the one you sent to your web developer and the eligible elderly lady

Heading downtown for another meeting with some terrific folks who are working hard to help us get the word out on Referendum 71!

34 minutes ago from web

Larry, are you telling me that you don’t have the promotional stuff worked out yet, three weeks after you filed the Referendum 71 paperwork?  Egads!  Well, since you frittered away your own signature gathering time by waiting the maximum possible days before challenging your own ballot language, I guess you feel you have time to burn.  In the mean time, don’t let up on fully employing Gary Randall’s shell game techniques to continue diverting donations into accounts not officially dedicated to the referendum.

UPDATE:  Gary Randall’s blog says today
REFERENDUM UPDATE: We are hoping to start printing Referendum petitions tomorrow. I will keep you updated. Thank you for your patience and financial support.

He knows as well as anyone that they are not likely to print anything for 2 more weeks.  But he will pretend several times in succession that there is a major event right around the corner so that he can push the begging bowl.  And notice where his fundraising link always takes you – not to the dedicated Ref 71 PAC, but to Gary’s PAC that he “promises” is temporarily rededicated to Ref 71.  These people have no shame.