Washington: No Prop 8 in Our State!

Five hundred Washingtonians rallied for equality in Seattle yesterday, on the California Prop 8 Day of Decision.

The speakers were united in their message: before we take the next step in marriage equality in Washington State, we must first defeat the referendum before us which seeks to repeal our domestic partnership law.  We do this by telling everyone we know the facts about Ref. 71, why DPs are important to us, and asking them to Decline 2 Sign Referendum 71.

The great news is that this also lays the groundwork for marriage equality; before a marriage bill is pursued in the legislature, we need to know two things:

1.  That we have the votes in the legislature.

2.  That we can weather the inevitable ensuing referendum.

Both of these things are accomplished by doing what we’re doing already: talking to everyone we know.  Plus being willing to take a drive to the other side of the county and knock on a few doors.  Pack a lunch, because after this Ref 71 is dispensed with, we’re going on a field trip!

Here are a few pictures from the rally.  On a personal note, I was disappointed (to put it mildly) by the Prop 8 decision, and didn’t really feel like getting on the bus to go downtown.  But I sure am glad I did, because the love and dedication I saw in that crowd lifted my spirits tremendously.  

Oh, one other thing, among these pictures are two heterosexual sisters who are not “sisters”, a Seattle mayoral candidate and a gay Iraq War vet.  I wonder who you think is who. 😉

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