Last week (May 15th) I asked a simple question of Gary Randall and Larry Stickney:

If Oregonian Gary Randall & his bumbling Washington operative Larry Stickney have finally formed an official Referendum 71 Ballot Committee called Protect Marriage Washington, why is Oregon Gary still diverting funds to his Faith & Freedom PAC?

As of May 22, 2009, Gary Randall was still directing donations into his Faith & Freedom PAC.  Why, Gary?  On his May 22, 2009 radio broadcast and in his email of May 23rd, Larry Stickney talked a lot about the referendum, then directed people not to the Protect Marriage Washington website, but to his Washington Values Coalition website to donate money.  Why, Larry?

The fundraising widget on the Protect Marriage Washington website is finally functional, so there is no excuse to continue diverting money to your personal cash cows other organizations.  And why haven’t the two of you publicly launched your Protect Marriage Washington website yet?  You have no intention of following through with the referendum, do you?

My prediction for the future, below the fold.Here is my prediction: Gary and Larry will continue to funnel contributions to their separate organizations until the day arrives when they can start collecting signatures.  At that point they will finally admit that it’s impossible to get enough signatures in the limited time left, and then they’ll throw in the towel crying that the “Seattle-based homosexual lobby and their left wing media allies & enablers” played so dirty (we used the letter of the law, lol) that they were effectively forced from the public debate and silenced.  Silenced! they’ll cry, silenced!  It’ll be a win-win for them: they get to milk the cash cow but good, then bow out in what they see as a face-saving way as Christian martyrs.

But just in case I’m wrong, click this graphic if you haven’t already (is there anyone left in Washington who hasn’t?)

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