A new CBS poll:

Forty-two percent of Americans now say same sex couples should be allowed to legally marry, a new CBS News/New York Times poll finds. That’s up nine points from last month, when 33 percent supported legalizing same sex marriage.

Support for same sex marriage is now at its highest point since CBS News starting asking about it in 2004.

What should same-sex couples get?

Poll Date Marriage Civil Unions Nothing Undecided
April, 2009 42 25 28 5
August, 2008 34 22 39 5
June, 2008 30 28 36 6
March, 2004 22 33 40 5

This means that 67% of American voters think we should have civil unions or better.  And the or better crowd is fast outstripping the civil unions crowd. (paying attention, Mr. President?).

The poll results Gary Randall released yesterday for Washington state, with 43% of Washington voters saying YES to marriage equality, seem to be right in line with national trends.

H/T Dan Savage