Gary’s had me giggling since The Washington Hate Coalition’s anti-equality rally earlier this month.  Surf over to the Temple of Gary to see the video Gary posted of himself single-handedly defending marriage from the homohordes.  Oops!  No, not that temple, his OTHER temple.  Sure, Gary was there in Olympia for the rally.  And sure, he gave a too-cute little speech.  But the crowd wanted blood, not cute, and Gary was only 1 of about 20 speakers that afternoon.  You sure wouldn’t know it by watching that video.

Not that I’m much of a Larry Stickney fan, but I almost feel for the guy.  He was the one mc-ing the rally and sending out organizing emails.  And now that I think about it, it’s Larry that’s been doing the heavy lifting of threatening end times in legislative hearings and writing error-ridden homophobic rant lobbying letters for his followers to sign (view here).  But Gary takes all the credit.

I used to think Ken Hutcherson had the biggest ego in Cascadia.  Must reassess.

Gary Randall Defends Marriage at State Rally from Gary Randall on Vimeo.